About Us

About Us

We make art & culture understandable, exciting and enjoyable!

Founded in 2016 in Amsterdam, since 2020, we’re based in Croatia. Culture Tourist is a young company with fresh ideas and a goal to spark the change in the way culture and museums are presented. But also with how they are reaching to and are communicating with their audience.

Our background is in art history and museum education. We’re using that knowledge to help cultural institutions and tourism boards design heritage interpretation projects, improve their storytelling and create innovative souvenirs.

Our aim is to make culture, art and history more understandable to the broader audience.

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We love to share exciting stories about European museums, history and cultural tourism on our blog. This is where we already have a significant audience of cultural tourists looking forward to new museums to visit and cultural routes to explore.

So, yes, we’re already connected to your audience.

Some dear clients we worked with:

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Tea Gudek Šnajdar

Culture Tourist Founder

With a formal education in Art history (MA) and History (BA), Tea worked as a museum educator in different museums in Croatia and the Netherlands for ten years. She organised private museum tours in Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for three years, when she decided to start her own company.

Already during her studies, she got interested in cultural tourism and heritage interpretation. She is quite passionate about making art and culture accessible and understandable to people of all ages and backgrounds. In 2016 Tea started Culture Tourist as a place where people could learn about some fantastic examples of cultural tourism in Europe. But also where she could help cultural institutions to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

In her free time, she likes to watch (or just talk about) Star Wars movies with her son, hike, paint, travel and drink a lot of coffee with her friends.

Our Team:

We have a great group of collaborators like graphic and web designers, writers and editors, who help us make our services and products shine.

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