Heritage interpretation

Heritage interpretation projects that will place your museum, site or an area on a cultural tourism map of the town or a region in which you’re located

Educational souvenirs

To present your art heritage innovatively, we’re designing custom made educational souvenirs – colouring postcards


Creating some interesting content about you, that will connect you with our wide audience of cultural tourists

Heritage interpretation projects

Are you looking for someone to help you create a unique heritage interpretation project?

We have a rich experience in museum education and know our storytelling. Our goal is to keep the historical value and preserve accurate information. All while telling the story about them in an understandable, exciting and entertaining way.

We can design a heritage interpretation project that will place your museum or cultural site on a cultural tourism map of the town or a region in which they’re located.

Storytelling is our strength so let us do the creative work.

Are you a museum or cultural institution that wants to think of an innovative way to present a part of their collection? Or, are you a tourism board who wants to showcase more of their cultural heritage to their visitors? A cultural route looking for a new way to interpret their heritage?

Contact us to see how can we work together!

Tea Gudek Snajdar and the artist

Educational souvenirs

Although digitalisation is a big buzz word right now, we love some old-fashion physical products here in the Culture Tourist, too.

To present your art heritage innovatively, we’re creating custom made colouring postcards. They are hand-drawn and designed by an art historian and made with users of all ages and backgrounds in mind. We print our postcards on fine paper, perfect for water colouring and drawing with markers or crayons.

With their lovely design, they make a perfect souvenir for the museums’ gift shops.

Here are some sets we already made:

Transromanica sites

This is probably our favourite postcards set we ever made. We designed it for the cultural route of the Council of Europe – Transromanica. It consists of 44 postcards showing medieval sites from nine countries alongside the route.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Set of seven postcards with locations linked to that famous painter in Amsterdam. From the house he lived in, places where he used to paint, to museums with his artwork. They make an excellent tool for exploring Dutch capital in the footsteps of Rembrandt van Rijn.

Dutch symbols

This set of ten postcards is one of our classics. Dutch symbols are not only tulips and clogs, but there are many more of them. The colouring postcards set Dutch symbols is a lovely way to get introduced to that part of Dutch culture.

London architecture

London is home to some fantastic architecture. This five-piece postcard’s set is dedicated to celebrating some of our favourites.

Content writing

Culture Tourist Blog

We’ve published around 250 posts on our Culture Tourist Blog during the last five years, with topics spanning from the museum overviews, art and culture city guides, interesting artists introductions to cultural routes intros.

We have an engaged audience of cultural tourists interested in both reading about these locations and visiting them. If you’d like to present your institution or destination to them, we’d love to write a story about you and share it on our website.

Please send us an email to request our updated Media Kit, where you’ll learn more about our audience. And find out about the content package that will best fit your needs.

We’ve created a campaign called ‘Dream, then Travel’ tailored especially for the travel destinations and cultural institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through it, you can connect with our audience of cultural tourists in a meaningful way.

If you’d like to learn more, please request a brochure about it.

Books, magazines and other publications

We are also creating content for magazines, books and other publications on art, history, museums and cultural heritage. If you need someone who is an expert in these topics to write engaging content for you, feel free to get in touch.