Transromanica colouring postcards made by Culture Tourist Tea

Colouring postcards designed for the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe – Transromanica

One of the Culture Tourist core values is to make art and culture more understandable for the wider audience. And we especially like to do that by creating some educational souvenirs.

So here, we’d like to show you one of our most challenging but definitely favourite projects we worked on at the Culture Tourist.

Some time ago, we were contacted by the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe – Transromanica, who asked us to help them promote their route by creating a set of colouring postcards showcasing some of their fantastic sites.

They made a medieval path of Romanesque sites, which extends through nine countries. It consists of historic castles, churches and different kind of monuments. Together, they celebrate our shared European heritage while showcasing all the beautiful regional differences in that medieval style.

For this project, they picked up 44 Transromanica’s sites, which we then turned into the drawings and later on – colouring postcards. The educational part was in showcasing architectural elements and style characteristics of the Romanesque buildings. These educational souvenirs will make learning about these sites easier while colouring them or just comparing with the actual buildings.

We are incredibly proud and honoured that our friends from Transromanica used 24 of the designs we created for them and presented them in their Advent Calendar. They encouraged their followers to print the drawings, colour them and share the results in the comments. You can see how they did that on Transromanica’s Facebook and Instagram profile on the links here.

We’re delighted with the set of 44 colouring postcards we created together and can’t wait to see them in their souvenir shops alongside the route.

Would you like to see more of our educational souvenirs and colouring postcards sets? Take a look at our services here.

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