Culture Tourist nominated for the traverse creator awards

Culture Tourist shortlisted for the Traverse Creator Awards

Being recognised for your work by the industry is always a great feeling. It gives you a sense you’re doing things right. However, when that recognition comes in the form of the nomination for the Innovation Award, the feeling is even better.

As one of the leading agencies in the travel industry, Traverse is organising conferences for travel journalists and bloggers. Their goal is to raise industry standards and provide a space for brands and content creators to network and work together.

Monitoring their work closely, the Traverse team decided to start the Creator Awards to highlight the work of some of the best in the industry. They have fifteen categories in which they are nominating the best work produced during the past year. They have it all covered, from the best photography, video, collaboration, writing, responsible piece and many more.

This year Culture Tourist was nominated in the Innovation category for the work we did with the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe – Transromanica. We created a set of 44 colouring postcards for them, highlighting their unique medieval sites.

⤷ Read more about our collaboration with Transromanica on a link here.

The awards ceremony is going to take place in London on October 27th 2021. Many thanks to the Traverse team for recognising all the hard work and creative thinking we put into this collaboration.

⤷ You can see the list of the Traverse Creator Awards Nominees on a link here.

Traverse Creator Awards Nominated

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