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How to promote travel right now: Content package Dream, then Travel

How to promote travel during the world pandemic?

Everyone in the travel industry asked themselves that question during the last year and a half. Travel, something that was completely normal a couple of years ago, became impossible over the night.

Being surrounded by devastating news about the new virus, many travel destinations felt it’s just not the right moment to show content about themselves, let alone encourage people to travel. And that was completely fine and a sensible thing to do.

However, with more people being vaccinated and countries slowly re-opening, it may be the right time to show people all the beauty we’re still surrounded by.

Dream, then Travel Campaign

To help out with that, here at the Culture Tourist, we developed a content campaign, Dream, then Travel. It’s designed to inspire travellers during the COVID-19 time and encourage them to visit European destinations once it’s going to be safe to travel again.

Dream, then Travel campaign consists of three phases: Inspire, Show and Inform.

An early phase consists of inspiration only (during the time we still cannot travel), followed by exciting content providing the correct information for safe travel.

To make it even more interesting, we have included local residents, who know their cities well, in creating it. That way, we’ve got some fun and unique inside pieces of information.

The produced content includes articles and social media updates, together with videos, interviews, giveaways, and colouring postcards.

By combining virtual travel, creative tourism and quality informative content, it’s inspiring while providing updated information.

Dream, then Travel campaign was created with our broad community of curious travellers interested in art and culture in mind. So we hope that with it, we’ll help two industries hurt a lot by the pandemic, culture and travel, get their old and some new visitors back.

If you’d like to learn more about this campaign, get in touch and request the Dream, then Travel brochure.

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